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Rex Robinson

​Rex has been a valley resident for over 14 years. He got his start working in construction as a teenager while growing up in East Tennessee. He attended the University of Tennessee and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. After college he took a position in Hawaii as a care-taker/property manager for a three home fifteen acre estate. Missing his passion for the Rocky Mountains, he then moved to Montana and started working on log homes. Two years later he returned to Tennessee and started his own construction company. After a few years, Rex returned to the Rocky Mountains and has been living here in the Wood River Valley. Eight years ago, R&L Management was formed and continues to personalize all of their client's services.

Lindi Lewallen

Lindi was born and raised in Idaho.  Born to a saddle maker, her love for the mountains and the outdoors is what keeps her here.  During school she worked for a real estate/property management company in Garden Valley.  After extensive travel, she found Sun Valley and decided to make this her home. Drawn to the service industry, she took a job as Chief of Staff to a United States Ambassador where she honed her skills working with clients, employees and sub-contractors.  When R&L Management was formed, she realized now clients would be able to get personalized service,  "Whatever, Whenever " the way they wanted. 




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